The Green Room

A message from Omar Sangare, Chair and Professor of Theatre,
with his commitment to: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

Although we are fortunate to be able to offer a full and rigorous on-campus experience this coming fall at Williams College, there is no doubt that COVID-19 will disrupt our regular production schedule for in-person performances. Luckily, our Theatre Department is quickly adapting to these times of unprecedented change and week-to-week uncertainty, and we are still committed to offering world-class performances to our community (even if we are forced to operate outside the normal channels of in-person communication).

That’s why I would like to initiate a new program “The Green Room: a peaceful space for progressive minds” this coming academic year. Structured as a weekly informal conversation moderated by Williams professors and students, “The Green Room: a peaceful space for progressive minds” will offer an opportunity for Williams students and community members to critically engage with the arts industries in which they someday hope to work, and learn from important leaders in those industries. The goal of this program will be to offer advice and mentorship resources to socially-minded, artistically conscious Williams students, but also to serve as a platform through which students can participate in a dialogue with leaders in the arts.

We’re inviting a diverse group of leading performing artists to join us in conversation over the course of the academic year, and we would love for you to be among them. “The Green Room: a peaceful space for progressive minds” will consist of serially-produced one-hour “episodes” in which speakers will be introduced, be given the opportunity to make a statement on your vision and advice, and later have a chance to answer questions from students. These discussions will take place via Zoom (or another interactive platform).

Special Thanks to:
Betsy Ware Fippinger
Randal Fippinger
John Gerry
Mandy Greenfield
Erin Meadors
Will Titus
True Pham
Abigail Murray-Stark
Barbara Bell
David Paul
Erica A. Hart
Patric McAndrew
Keith Forman
and Laurie Booth